Simple guide how to extract, convert and download 🎵 mp3 from Youtube video clip to your mobile phone or desktop...

Options to get a Youtube link

Enter the URL from any YouTube page, and this application will quickly retrieve the Flash video file and extract the audio as a downloadable MP3.

We provide two ways to get mp3 or mp4 files. 2. Search mp3 file with keywords Input keywords of the mp3 you want to download in search area, you will get a list of mp3 files for you to download, you can preview before you download.

Option: A.

Get mp3 from video directly from YouTube. If you want to get mp3 or mp4 from online video YouTube site, you only need to copy video URL you want to extract and paste in the extract area and click "Extract File".

Option: B.

Find your video online by Search video file with keywords Input keywords of the video you want to download in search area, you will get a list of video files for you to convert and download to mp3.

...or just watch our video tutorial



Select a complete URL link or ID of your favorite YouTube video. (Press CMD+A in Mac or Ctrl+A in Win)


Copy selected URL by right mouse click in a web browser. (Or Press CMD+C in Mac or Ctrl+C in Win)



Click and type searching phrase


Click on the "Search Video" button


Check search results...


Select favorite video...


Your video details.


Click on the [Download] button to select video or basic audio file format.

B7. & B8.

Find prefered file type to download


Cick on the DOWNLOAD button


If you like to download mp3 file only, click on the button


Convert and download mp3 free

Bonus Video Tutorial